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Who are we?

We are a 4-person, multi-cultural team. Soohwan Park is a Korean nonprofit consultant, and Shihoko Warren is a Japanese pastor of a Japanese-multicultural congregation in Vancouver. Steve Frost and Jenna Veenbaas are Canadian artists.

Email: FukushimaToVancouver@gmail.com

Soohwan Park, project coordinator Soohwan Park is the main coordinator for the Fukushima to Vancouver project. In April 2011, she left Vancouver and entered Fukushima with three Japanese friends for an assessment trip, after all foreigners had left soon after the triple disaster of March 11. She returned to Vancouver and created a partnership between Food for the Hungry Canada and Regent College Marketplace Institute, and worked as the Lead Consultant to design the holistic relief strategy with a consortium of five international NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in the first year post-disaster. After the initial relief response was completed, Soohwan continued to visit and encourage Fukushima Christians and in return bring stories from Fukushima to the rest of the world. During her time there, Soohwan kept a blog of her experience encountering both grief and hope: En Route to Fukushima

Rev. Shihoko Warren The Rev. Shihoko Warren is Priest-in-charge at The Church of All Nations in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Rev. Shihoko and her family spent 10 years planting house churches in Japan before she took up pastoral minsitry in Vancouver, right before the Fukushima disaster. Together with her husband, Ken, they started New Eden Garden ministry in Surrey, BC, out of lament and repentance after the Fukushima disaster. This is holistic discipleship while tending the earth, gardening, and fellowship in God's creation.

Steve Frost Steve Frost joined the team as Art Coordinator. He is a published author, produces events and curates art. He founded Tasai, a collective that facilitates artists and entrepreneurs meeting face to face, and his company, Brokenwing Media, helps busy people stay human. He collaborates on an ad hoc basis with friends and partners around the world, including a long term association with Travis Reed and The Work of the People. Steve has co-written a book with Walter Brueggemann and has spoken about the centrality of creativity to Christian identity throughout North America. He currently teaches “Aesthetics: Art and Christianity” at Pacific Life Bible School.

Jenna Veenbaas Jenna Veenbaas joined the team in April to support the project mainly in two capacities: Prayer and Administration. As Prayer Coordinator, Jenna worked closely with local church prayer groups in Vancouver, and as Administration Coordinator, Jenna supported the team and liaised with volunteers and others who were involved in the project. With English and Theater majors in her undergrad, Jenna devotes a lot of her creative energy to theatrical performance and directing, and story-telling. She is a student at Regent College and is occasionally invited to speak in many local congregations in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Jenna brought many gifts to the project by combining her passion and dedication to see the integration of art, worship, and service to the world.