About Us

Global Learning Consortium (GLC) is a Vancouver-based nonprofit organization incorporated in British Columbia, Canada. GLC exists to serve as a platform for collaboration and innovation between local churches, theological institutions, and Christian organizations (for-profit and not-for-profit) for global, cutting-edge issues in our time.

Historical Background

GLC was the collaborative platform for organizational learning and innovation, created by Food for the Hungry Canada and Regent College Marketplace Institute in June, 2011, to respond to the unprecedented triple disaster in Fukushima, Japan (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown). It served five organizations from four countries to innovate a local church-centered, holistic strategy during the initial disaster response for collaboration, impact-monitoring, and knowledge dissemination. The story of innovation which came out of this partnership was published in Christianity Today, July 2013.

GLC’s first project is Fukushima to Vancouver 2015: Reconciliation with Creation, Neighbours, and Nations.

Who We Are

Board of Directors

  • Rev. Dr. Jason Byassee (website)
    Professor of Homiletics and Biblical interpretation at Vancouver School of Theology.
  • Rev. Shihoko Warren
    Priest-In-Charge at Church of All Nations
  • Rev. Dr. Jonathan R. Wilson (website)
    Professor of Theology at Carey Theological College.
  • Soohwan Park
    Executive Director

Annual Reports

GLC Annual Report 2015: Fukushima to Vancouver (5 MB)